Clinical Trials Treatment Options

Clinical Trials are studies that evaluate the effectiveness of treatment strategies and the effectiveness of new drugs. The development of new, more effective cancer treatments requires that new and innovative therapies be evaluated by the actual patients on treatment. Clinical Trials are designed to find new or better ways to treat cancer patients.

Here at Northwest Alabama Cancer Center, we realize that current cancer therapy changes rapidly and we want to offer our patients the most current, up-to-date therapies and technologies available. The goal of Northwest Alabama Cancer Center is to provide patients with the latest therapies in investigational and approved treatments without the patient feeling as if he or she needs to travel to a major cancer center to be able to receive this current and progressive care.

If you are interested in any information and/or participation in Clinical Trials, please feel free to discuss this option with the physicians here at Northwest Alabama Cancer Center. We will be more than happy to discuss with you the Clinical Trials which would be specific to your type of cancer.

Again, our goal is to offer our patients the most current, progressive care and the comfort of knowing that there is no need to travel great distances to receive this quality of cancer care.