Manage Stress

Choose How to Spend Your Time/Energy

  • set priorities
  • take time out when needed

Build Your Strength and Endurance

  • do some physical activity
  • good nutrition

Create a Support Environment

  • get rid of clutter
  • surround yourself with what you like: music, art, books, nature, etc.
  • memorize verses or quotes to repeat
  • talk to trusted person(s) about fears, sadness, anger, guilt or spiritual matters

Make Decisions

  • practical, business or legal
  • get legal assistance if necessary
  • make them now and be done with them

Learn to Relax

  • deep breathing
  • massage, warm baths, back rubs
  • hobbies
  • create a quiet place

Manage Your “Self-Talk”

  • choose to think positively
  • translate worry into action
  • mentally rehearse positive outcomes to stressful situations
  • learn to turn off your inner critic

Learn to Laugh

  • look for the humorous side of situations
  • seek out sources of humor – books, movies, people, etc.

Practice Saying “No”

  • let someone else do it
  • save your strength for the really important things

Ask for Help

  • you don’t have to do it all yourself
  • “give away” some problems and tasks

Pay Attention

  • to the small, daily pleasures of life
  • to the present moment

Take the Long View

  • how important will this crisis be one year from now?
  • what were you worried about one year ago?
  • what is really important to you?

Adapted from American Cancer Society’s “I Can Cope” series.