Supportive Services

Our staff at the Northwest Alabama Cancer Center are prepared to meet the varied needs of our patients. Our licensed Social Worker with more than 25 years in the medical field is available for our patients and their families in our commitment to treating the “whole” person.

The needs of an individual at the onset on a disease can include much more than the physical aspects: although understandably, it is of the greatest initial concern. As an individual begins perhaps their greatest personal battle, he or she needs to be appropriately equipped. That equipping includes information, instruction, and treatment from knowledgeable and caring medical staff.

The uniqueness of an individual is defined physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. It is important that these aspects work together in harmony in order to generate an overall sense of well-being.

Financial concerns, as well as emotional and spiritual issues may cause unrest and turmoil. Our Social Worker is committed to treating each patient with respect and consideration of their individual needs. Her services include patient education, identifying community resources, and offering comfort and supportive counseling.

For additional information contact:

Dianne Allen
Licensed Bachelor Social Worker
(256) 764-4200 (Florence Office)
(256) 381-1001 (Muscle Shoals)