Financial Policies

Our business office staff is available to help you with any questions you may have regarding your account. They may be reached by calling the office and asking for one of our billing office personnel during our regular office hours.

It is very important to notify us of any changes in insurance coverage, address or phone numbers. The business office should be given prior notice of insurance termination or additional coverage.


You will receive a financial statement approximately every six weeks. This statement will reflect all insurance charges that have been filed, all payments that were received, and any other charges that may have occurred. As a courtesy to our patients, insurance benefits are filed and include one primary policy and one secondary policy. Any additional policies will need to be handled by the patient but we are available if you need assistance.


Some insurance companies pay fixed amounts for certain tests and procedures, and others only pay a percentage of the total cost. Any deductibles and co-insurance amounts will need to be paid by the patient. We will make every effort to help collect from the insurance company, but the responsible party is accountable for any unpaid balance.