About Us

Northwest Alabama Cancer Center, P.C.

Northwest Alabama Cancer Center, P.C. (NWALCC), has been committed to the principle that dedicated and skilled physicians and their diversified team of professionals can provide the best comprehensive care only when their expertise is combined with the timeless human element of compassion. This is reflected in our mission slogan – “where compassion meets technology.”

Since its founding, this concept has been the driving force of NWALCC as it has emerged as the Shoals area’s leading cancer treatment center. Currently, NWALCC has two full-service offices, two physicians and over twenty-five professional employees.

Today, we reflect upon the accomplishment of the past few years with pride. Although we have grown in size and knowledge, our goal is still the same…to provide the latest in cancer treatment and patient care based upon human kindness and compassion.

While we are excited about the future growth and development of NWALCC, we are even more excited about future aspects of eradicating the disease of cancer, which affects thousands of Alabamians annually.


It 1987 Dr. J. Patrick Daugherty founded Northwest Alabama Cancer Center in order to provide state-of-the-art treatment for patients in the Northwest Alabama area. Dr. Daugherty believed that aggressive cancer treatment programs from academic health centers could be brought to this community to allow patients to benefit from the latest research and technology.

Before the center opened, patients with oncology needs were frequently sent to larger metropolitan areas far away from their homes. Without the nearby support of friends and family, each patient was alone to face many different stresses of dealing with a major illness, ranging from loneliness to homesickness and isolation. Now with cancer treatment available close to home, the patients can be with loved ones while receiving high quality cancer care and treatment.

NWALCC is actively involved in Phase II, Phase III, and Phase IV Investigational Drug Studies under the guidance of research institutions and pharmaceutical companies that are known worldwide. These studies consist of administering medications that have been tested for several years in laboratories and have not been approved by the FDA, or in determining the safety and effectiveness of drugs already approved by the FDA.

Our Team

Just as the human body is comprised of individual parts functioning together as a single unit, NWALCC is divided into areas of specialization where individual members function collaboratively as experts in his/her respective field.

The clinical nursing section is committed to the highest level of quality care. Each nurse combines clinical experience and higher education to be a well-trained caregiver. All of our nurses are certified in oncology, thus meeting high professional standards.

Our clerical staff are highly trained in their respective jobs and work closely with the clinical staff to provide timely health care. Each is committed to provide accurate and efficient services, from billing to medical records.

The laboratories are designed to provide the most accurate and reliable testing possible. State-of-the-art equipment and liscensed professionals combine to assure patients of quality results. Our laboratories are certified by the Health Care Financing Administration’s Licensure Department.

Technology is essential to the diagnosis and treatment of cancer, but human caring and compassion are essential to the complete well-being of the patient. Blending technology with human compassion requires the personal dedication of each staff member to provide each patient the best possible experience during the course of his/her diagnosis, treatment, and continued follow-up care.

NWALCC has radiology (X-ray) equipment available in both offices for patient convenience and for expediting diagnosis and treatment. Our equipment meets standards set by the Alabama Department of Public Health Division of X-ray Compliance. All technicians have completed a comprehensive training program to ensure a high level of quality care.

A registered pharmacist helps monitor drug therapies and assists in medication preparation. All chemotherapy regiments are explained and discussed in detail with each patient before administration. The staff are available to answer questions or discuss concerns during the course of therapy.

Our counseling and social services staff are available for patients who wish to utilize this valuable service. Many times during cancer diagnosis and treatment, support groups or private sessions can be beneficial to patients and families. Appointments are scheduled with the receptionist to allow sufficient time for each patient.

The Best Comprehensive Care

Life is a matter of balance. Northwest Alabama Cancer Center, P.C. believes that a delicate balance of family and professional care is essential to the well-being of the patient. Not only do we offer complete cnacer diagnosis and treatment, but we are also part of advanced network of professionals dedicated to the latest techniques and treatments. The patient benefits are many when the latest treatments are provided in an environment of concern and compassion.

If hospitilization is required, our patients can be admitted to one of four local hospitals. Because of the locations of our two offices, we are only minutes away from other essential services, such as radiation therapy or other medical specialists.

This means, in short, that we have the ability to respond quickly and appropriately to our patients’ medical needs.